ALPHA is our programme for early-stage startups, typically in the software or connected hardware spaces.
If you’re selected for ALPHA, you’ll also get three tickets to Collision, including the opportunity to access Investor Meetings and Mentor Hours startup workshops and much more, all for CAD $695.
Apply for ALPHA here and meet the startups that exhibited at Collision in 2019.

ALPHA minimum criteria

Startups need to be product-centric rather than service providers. Said product must be at least at an MVP/working prototype stage to be considered for the programme. Startups will also need a working website.

Selection criteria

We consider many factors when selecting our ALPHA startups: the product, team, traction to date, investment to date, and roadmap for the future. Ultimately, we’re looking for exciting and promising growing startups that we believe will be able to capture the attention and imagination of Collision’s 25,000+ attendees.

Along with your exhibition space, you also receive three tickets to attend the event.
These give you the opportunity to access Investor Meetings, Mentor Hours, and startup-specific talks, workshops and round tables. You can also attend out after hours events like Night Summit.

Visit our ALPHA Programme page for more information.

Unfortunately not, three tickets are included as part of the ALPHA package. The tickets cannot be separated.

A member of our startup team will be in contact with you to discuss your startup and see if Collision would be a good fit for you.

To ensure the best possible experience and maximum audience participation, the startups team carefully select the day that startups exhibit based on their industry. For this reason, startups are unable to select their exhibition day.

PITCH is the startup competition at Collision that brings together the world’s leading early-stage startups for a live, onstage battle.

PITCH is open to startups exhibiting at Collision that have received under $3 million in funding to date and have not had a discernible change in business model in the previous three years.

The top startups will battle it out across three days to be crowned the winner of PITCH at this year’s Collision. You’ll present in front of distinguished investor panels, influential media, and global partners.

Applications for PITCH will open two months before Collision. Your startup mentor will assist you with the application and provide you with further information with regards to the PITCH competition.